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We specialize in the transportation of all types of livestock. We are fully licensed and insured for travel across Canada and the United States. We have participated in the Certified Livestock Training(CLT) program and OFAC's Livestock Emergency Response Course.

We offer flexible, customized service and pride ourselves on keeping our equipment safe and extremely well maintained. To serve our customers' diverse needs, we operate air-ride trailers with the following specifications:

"The Tridem - 53' Wilson Livestock Trailer"

Custom built with livestock comfort in mind, this maximum capacity trailer has some special features to ensure your cattle arrive at their destination in the best possible condition. Unlike most trailers, the nose decking interlocks to stop manure from falling through the cracks onto the deck below. This allows the lower deck of stockers to come off the trailer as clean as the top ones do. Also, there is extra headroom in the back end, on both the bottom and top decks. This will comfortably accommodate larger cattle without having to worry about them rubbing their backs. Along with the extra space, these features reduce bruising and allow your animals to look and feel their best, helping you to maximize your profit.

With many years experience in the transportation industry, from dry freight to all types of livestock, and as livestock owners ourselves we put the well being of your animals first. For friendly, personalized service give us a call - we are ready to help you with your next move.